Get Ready for $3 per Gallon Gasoline this Summer

February 20, 2007 at 7:58 pm Leave a comment

The last two years have had gasoline spikes that echo the summer’s heat wave pattern. Energy costs rise as usage of fuel escalates. The heat is one reason for spikes in energy costs and consumption.

Jalopnik and the Detriot News have both predicted a climb to $3 gasoline by this summer. So budget for it… and get ready to stay home. Maybe you can go on a virtual trip? Or buy a Hybrid. Many Jalopnik commenters say the U.S. has had it to easy as in places like the U.K. they pay over $7 a gallon for gas now.

I also expect that this summer Toyota will pass the General as the worlds largest auto maker. It seems at least partially due to the fact that Toyota didn’t indulge in the fantasy that huge truck sales and suv sales would continue as strong into the late 2000s. Toyota and Honda are definitely smoking the competition on marketing to fuel economy.

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