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World Involvement Day

I saw this ad on 2wenty 4our today and did a little exploring I thought I might share with you. First here is the advertisement:

Darfur IRC

Next, I asked myself the question? What “save the world organization” has enough “scratch” to place sweet produced ads like these? Or what “save the world organization” has enough “scratch” to have a web site like this: Holy Cow… that is a nice organization site. And, they do list their annual report so you can check it out.

They have a blog, flickr site, podcast, myspace, video RSS etc. Cutting edge stuff for an organization, and the design and marketing is well done.

Here is the Flickr account and also a few photos:

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Nando’s Chicken… wait for it…

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Funny Quote from Stan Schroeder

On Tech Crunch today, Mike posted a funny “faux pas” from Microsoft’s PR company regarding the accidental emailing of internal notes on a reporter… well… to the reporter. Oooops.

Now, as funny as that is, I found this comment on the post from Stan Scroeder to be humorous:

This just confirms what we already knew:
PR firms don’t know how to use e-mail.

Also, I found the response from the PR agency fascinating: Read Frank Shaw’s Comments Here

I also liked this comment from Frank Shaw:

PR people who lie or encourage their clients to lie don’t last long. The “R” in PR stands for relations, if you lie to people you work with, you don’t have very good relationships, or credibility, and shortly after that you don’t have clients.

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Denny Dent – Is it the Art or Presentation?

Without YouTube, I believe Denny Dent doesn’t get half of the exposure, or the communication. As a matter of fact, without the performance, I wasn’t impressed by the art. That said, and now that we have inexpensive video based communication… let the two fisted art attack begin.

Thanks Tim.

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Marathon Oil and Social Awareness

Back in January I saw Amy Mifflin discuss how social reponsibility in companies can change the bottom line at a PRSA event. She had discussed two major topics:

  1. How Marathon Oil helped to change the rate of malaria related deaths in a section of Africa
  2. How Marathon Oil was helping to educate portions of Montana on the dangers of Meth.

The point of the topic was basically that it was profitable at a company in Marathon’s position to help the inhabitants of an area with their social responsible problems.

Also, note: I said profitable.

Profit is not a dirty word. In this case Marathon was working towards a “win/win” situation. The inhabitants of both areas benefited, in these cases with their lives, and Marathon got a better workforce in return. Make no mistake, millions were invested, and lives were saved. Also, a better workforce that will benefit the companies in the area has been created.

I saw this advertisment for the Montana Meth Project and it made me think about Amy and Marathon’s contribution:

Montana Meth Project Billboard

That gets me down to the question? Although we are not Marathon, we don’t have deep pockets, or possibly poential life and death crisis to conquer…. What can we do to make life better for others and benefit in return? This is your chance to make a list of 10 things you and your company can do to benefit your social region of influence.

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Ad of the Day – Jack Astor’s Restaurant

Jack Astor’s Restaurant

Jack Astor’s is a chain that encourages folks to draw on the tablecloths.  I love going to places like that, cuz I can draw…(this is a factual statement)

Also the ad is fantastic in its “humoristic, violence, food, and environment” communication. I would like to know how the idea popped out?… so if you know anyone at  TAXI in Toronto, ask them for me. Their site was too bad to use, so I couldn’t converse with them online.

Shrug… agencies.

Also, Thanks 2wenty 4our 

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Canadian Film Festival – Excellence in Advertising

Canadian Film Festival Jaws

Canadian Film Festival Poltergeist

Canadian Film Festival Superman

Via Ads of the World 

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Monica Danna – Street Fashion Flare

Monica Dana

Monica writes for the Houstonist and today she was featured in the Chronicle’s section on “Street Fashion“. Way to go Mo.

Since all blogs are in essence about the author, I will take this opportunity to contrast Monica’s “coolness” with my own “lack of said coolness”. Personally I am more likely to be included in a column called “Stain Identification” or “What Happens When Plaid isn’t Cool Anymore?” or “Dressing for the Suburbs”. Really, if it weren’t for manequins I wouldn’t have a clue.

So I wanted to give Monica some props… Not that she doesn’t get them without me. And also, if they open a column for “Disney Dads Fashion” please give them my name.

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Podcasting Radio Interview from

Today I was on a radio interview with Scott Draughon of The subject was podcasting and I had the following guest stars on on the interview with me:

We had fun, and you can listen directly here. We discussed what podcasting was and and how monetization may occur. How to build up traffic to your podcast and about Gary, Jason, and Bruce’s experience. Please give it a listen.

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I’m back!!! and Harley Davidson Tours

Wow all, sorry for the hiatus. I have been in pre vacation, vacation, and post vacation mode. It has been a big distraction from my fascination with the internet. Believe it or not, their is a world outside of these digital screens – and it isn’t second life.

Here ia a quick advertisement that gets away with sending its message in a unique way. Have you ever asked yourself, would a Harley Davidson make me sexier? This advertisment for Harley Davidson Tours sends a message that you should surely keep your all-girls-school daughters far away from the motorcylce… as it may have unwanted side effects.  Please see below:

Harley Davidson Tours

Now I have my eye on a few Harley Guys in the neighborhood….

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The Disney Experience Continued

Wow!!! This has been amazing. We are old pros at coming to Disney so everything has gone pretty smooth. I did stay out till 1 am at the Magic Kingdome… Followed by a second day till 2 am at MGM. So the one thing I haven’t had is sleep. That said, I am shutting this down and leaving you with some photos:

Shawn Didn't Make It

Teaching Goofy to Dance


Courtney the Viking Princess

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Walt Disney World – I am a kid again (Ok I am more of a kid than normal)

This is best laid out in pictures so I am going to let you experience a little Mickey Mouse Land in photos. First, I will start with the best – Megan and the “Tower of Terror”:

Tower Of Terror Elevator

This is the doorway to fear, according to Megan.

Megan the Face of Terror

This photo was taken directly after a 30 second screaming session…. in which words like, “we are going to die”, “help” and “screeching” insued. Sometimes being a dad is too fun. The tower was amazing this time…. I didn’t know if I was going up or down. For those of you that want to know…. Cam didn’t make it. She chickened out early. And no, we wouldn’t let Court ride.

Now this is where we are staying. It is called “Pop Century” and is themed after generations of pop culture. Here is the “Big Man with the Big Wheel”:

Big Man at the Big Wheel

Also this picture below is of the “benfactors of Disney in my life for almost 30 years”. Disney should give them a freaking meddle:

Thanks Nana and Pop

And finally… below is a freaking alien. You can’t top that?

Yep...Its a Freaking Alien

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Market to Your Audience by “Making it Easy to Share” has provided an excellent example of marketing by sharing. They are allowing you to add a snippet of code to your blog that gives the local gas prices and national gas prices. When you submit your zip code the page gives you a list of stations and their price per gallon of gasolilne. It looks like this:

Gas Prices

Now the application itself is pretty good, but the concept behind it is brilliant. They are making it easy for people to carry their advertising and using a valuable service in exchange. Each gas price code snippet on a blog will link back to and a page that displays gas prices for stations in your area. Both marketing the web site and the local gas stations.

Brilliant. I believe the applications of this concept are huge. And giving a code snippet like YouTube makes it super user-friendly for developers and bloggers. Now the question is… how can you do the same thing? How can the Houston Zoo market through blogger integration. How can KM Technology market to drilling consultants. How can you make it easy for your audience to interact with your message by:

  1. Making it easy for them to carry the message on their web sites / blogs
  2.  Giving them something of value in return for the carried advertising

This is a similar concept to “badging”. What badge can you give your audience that they would want to proudly wear?

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Free Photoshop

I saw this on Drawn… and they credit Tech Crunch, but here is the post straight from the horses mouth:

Adobe Photoshop going online


CNET reports that Adobe Systems is releasing a free, ad-supported version of Photoshop online in six months.

“We are watching folks like Google do it in different categories, and we want to make sure that we are there before they are, in areas of our franchises,” said Adobe CEO, Bruce Chizen.

It looks like it’s high noon for online image editing – and it’s the illustrators and visual creatives who stand to benefit the most. I can’t count the times I’ve been on a remote terminal without Photoshop and felt completely useless as I tried to resize my image in MS Paint or whatever was at hand.

[Link] via TechCrunch

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Birth of a Product – Neonode N2 – Is this too far?

Neonode has a blog about the birth of their product the Neonode N2 called the “pregnant man blog“. Before you say “so what”, you need to explore the blog which is a “male pregnancy” diary for the product including ultrasound, youtube videos of the pregnancy, and a “birth certificate”.

All I can say is… “holy cow”?

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