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Free Speech Online

“We (the court) can think of no workable test or principle that would distinguish ‘legitimate‘ from ‘illegitimatenews,” and that the the rumor sites appear “conceptually indistinguishable from publishing a newspaper, and we see no theoretical basis for treating it differently.”

Apple attempted to sue a couple of “citizen journalists” for not disclosing where they got their information
. In a “vote for freedom” and also for “citizen journalism” the court decided that the defendants were just as legetimate as anyone else.

Now if we can get the rest of the media folks to just recognize the power or news created by the “common man”?

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Advertising and the DJ

 In honor of the DJ, here are some tasty media morsels: has updated the February podcast. It is definitely worth a listen, and if you like it, let Jason know?

Below are some cool DJ ads. I was never cool enough to be a DJ, but I can blog about it.

DJ Tennis

DJ Mechanic

DJ Office

Ads of the world had these cool DJ school ads. I am not sure how going to school to be a DJ works, or why, etc. But I am pretty sure that Darth Vader (below) is one fo the instructors.

Also, here is the link in case you feel like taking an “intro to DJing class”.

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