Market to Your Audience by “Making it Easy to Share”

March 2, 2007 at 8:54 pm Leave a comment has provided an excellent example of marketing by sharing. They are allowing you to add a snippet of code to your blog that gives the local gas prices and national gas prices. When you submit your zip code the page gives you a list of stations and their price per gallon of gasolilne. It looks like this:

Gas Prices

Now the application itself is pretty good, but the concept behind it is brilliant. They are making it easy for people to carry their advertising and using a valuable service in exchange. Each gas price code snippet on a blog will link back to and a page that displays gas prices for stations in your area. Both marketing the web site and the local gas stations.

Brilliant. I believe the applications of this concept are huge. And giving a code snippet like YouTube makes it super user-friendly for developers and bloggers. Now the question is… how can you do the same thing? How can the Houston Zoo market through blogger integration. How can KM Technology market to drilling consultants. How can you make it easy for your audience to interact with your message by:

  1. Making it easy for them to carry the message on their web sites / blogs
  2.  Giving them something of value in return for the carried advertising

This is a similar concept to “badging”. What badge can you give your audience that they would want to proudly wear?

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