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Marathon Oil and Social Awareness

Back in January I saw Amy Mifflin discuss how social reponsibility in companies can change the bottom line at a PRSA event. She had discussed two major topics:

  1. How Marathon Oil helped to change the rate of malaria related deaths in a section of Africa
  2. How Marathon Oil was helping to educate portions of Montana on the dangers of Meth.

The point of the topic was basically that it was profitable at a company in Marathon’s position to help the inhabitants of an area with their social responsible problems.

Also, note: I said profitable.

Profit is not a dirty word. In this case Marathon was working towards a “win/win” situation. The inhabitants of both areas benefited, in these cases with their lives, and Marathon got a better workforce in return. Make no mistake, millions were invested, and lives were saved. Also, a better workforce that will benefit the companies in the area has been created.

I saw this advertisment for the Montana Meth Project and it made me think about Amy and Marathon’s contribution:

Montana Meth Project Billboard

That gets me down to the question? Although we are not Marathon, we don’t have deep pockets, or possibly poential life and death crisis to conquer…. What can we do to make life better for others and benefit in return? This is your chance to make a list of 10 things you and your company can do to benefit your social region of influence.

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Ad of the Day – Jack Astor’s Restaurant

Jack Astor’s Restaurant

Jack Astor’s is a chain that encourages folks to draw on the tablecloths.  I love going to places like that, cuz I can draw…(this is a factual statement)

Also the ad is fantastic in its “humoristic, violence, food, and environment” communication. I would like to know how the idea popped out?… so if you know anyone at  TAXI in Toronto, ask them for me. Their site was too bad to use, so I couldn’t converse with them online.

Shrug… agencies.

Also, Thanks 2wenty 4our 

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