True Stories from Social Media Panel with Guy Kawasaki

March 10, 2008 at 5:22 pm 1 comment

Guy Kawasaki
Image from Deneyterrio

Guy starts off very entertaining… and indicated he wanted to over represent women on his panel, as they are underrepresented as speakers. Already he has a connection wiht the audience. He understands that entertainment is a great part of communication. (Also, I think Guy knows the power of a smile)

Here are the “True Stories of the Social Media World”:

  • Guy…Told Sinha to make love to the microphone
  • Sinha is telling a story about a creepy occurrence about someone calling and emailing Sinha that is irate that someone is making a profile under his name… but it is only a photo and a profile that students that made as a joke in Mexico… The guy threatened to sue Slideshare, and Sinha got an email on every email address she has ever had and they guy went nuts. Result the Mexican students took down the information.
  • Oprah, Sarah Jessica Parker and a Dress – Katherine blog photos got posted of Sarah Jessica Parker’s clothes line at Steve and Barry’s. Steve and Barry’s threatened to sue after negative comments were posted about the clothesline, and they said that the photos should be removed. Sarah Jessica Parker went on Oprah… and because they “scooped Oprah” they were ranked highly in search and traffic went through the roof. Visitors went through the roof.
  • (note from Aaron – the first stories related to folks finding content in search)
  • Guy says “buy save your domain” now, and get ready for it… Ha ha.
  • Funny story about Guy slamming twitter, and that is how Laura hooked up with Guy. She loves twitter… and suggests that you should be yourself.
  • Christine had a site that wrote stories about design, and by accident got into developing content management systems. Says CMS systems is a miserable way to make a living. Folks keep wanting you to change your product. Very funny. She found out that their site that they left alone (the design community) – not related to the CMS business, but instead related to a site they had setup and left alone – made lots of money without input.
  • Erica O’Grady talks about OpMoms. Talks about OpMom’s launch story and how on launch day the site went down. Gives advice that you shouldn’t launch before you are ready.
  • Aaron built a site for Tracy McGrady and with a message board. Tracy called and wanted the site taken down because of a post. Traffic went up huge… Moral is moderate posts, and controversy causes traffic.
  • Guy calls out Patricia for being boring. And then asks for what the panelists would do differently:
    • Realize sooner that a site is about the community and not about yourself.
    • Laura says, “Twitter allows you to talk to thought leaders and hook up to people you wouldn’t have exposure to any other way”
    • Christine says she would hire someone to do Math.
    • Erica says they messed up by allowing folks to sign up during beta… and they needed to work with gurus more.
    • Aaron says that clients should not tell developers about the user interface
    • Sinha talks about users posting funny stuff… slides that shouldn’t be there, porn, etc. to slideshare and how they have contacted those people
  • Guy asks what makes you successful?
    • Katherine says taking things offline
    • Laura says play with tools and incorporate them
    • Christine says to keep your eye open for new talent and stay three steps ahead of the people you are leaning on. And suggests that you shouldn’t be proud. It’s not all sex and glamor and hanging out with Guy.
    • Aaron says something, but I can’t hear him.

Sorry for the bad notes on this one. The stories were actually pretty difficult to follow from a notes perspective.

Also I have a little bit of a weird feeling regarding some of the panelists and how they are “paid PR”

Questions and Answers:

  • Suggestion monetize your blog and social activities offline
  • Ed didn’t get to ask his question. 😦

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