Social Design Strategies Panel at SXSW2008

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Social Design Strategies
Thanks again Deneyterrio

After a quick breakfast with the Sk*rt folks, I battled the stairwells and found Level 4 at the SXSW conference. Now I am in the Social Design Strategies panel watching the dudes talk about design

  1. Link to a users true online profile for a sense of accountability
  2. Give Recognition: Recognition seems to work better when it comes from the group rather than from the company.
  3. Show Causation: Repeat what you are doing with the data. Like on NetFlix and how they recommend movies you might like – The interface says four times that they are going to use your ratings to give you good recommendations.
  4. Leverage Reciprocity. If someone shows you love it is very likely that you will show love in return. Folks feel obligated to return the favor.
  5. Funny one – dude on Facebook deleted writings on the wall and was anti social without knowing it.
  6. Privacy on social networks is a combination of public and private data. How do you decide what is and what isn’t?
  7. What do you think about “cross site data posting” like on Fandango and Facebook. What about a personal action that is turned into a public action. Be careful of what you make public.
  8. Be careful of making items a “preference setting”
  9. Be transparent in regards to who gets to see the data
  10. (Where are the funny people? I think it is odd that the panelist I have seen so far / yesterday and today are ignoring the connection to their audience. Very funny since they pretty much all of the panelist say that the world is about you)
  11. Spam Control. What is a fair balance of solutions?
  12. Wow. 75% to 80% of new accounts are spam!
  13. Don’t want to cut off features that are great for the community because of spammers. Must find a way to limit spammers while keeping a good experience
  14. Folks are paying people in sub-economies to post spam for pennies
  15. Magnolia puts folks on “whitelists” after they are approved by “gardners”. Gardners are completely altruistic. (Start a conversation on what motivates a gardner – thought of Ed Schipul and motivations of people)
  16. (Sub Plot on Altruism) Gardners are helping themselves… because they don’t want to be impeded by spam and don’t want others to be impeded. So as a gardner they are protecting their content.

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