10 Ways to Piss Off a Blogger Session

March 9, 2008 at 5:09 pm 3 comments

We are putting ourselves in three groups:

  1. Blogger
  2. People that are reaching out to bloggers
  3. Or Both

Most folks are in the “both category”. How do you find folks that are interested in what you say and promote it.

What are the good ways to relate to bloggers? Everyone that is involved is going to get their blog published on a this facebook event page.

Our format is we are going to “we are going to walk out with 10 ways to piss off a blogger” that we are going come up with a as a group

  1. The first way to piss off a blogger is to invite them to something and not give them a chance to talk about themselves.
  2. People that say they have been reading for years… but have not been
  3. Someone taking your identity and using it for evil
  4. Getting on spam lists (vocus takes bloggers email addresses and spam you)
  5. What about treating bloggers in the same way you treat journalist
  6. Don’t send bloggers things that aren’t relevant – Does bad pitching / irrelevant pitching relate to laziness
  7. Don’t treat bloggers like direct mail – be specific and build relationships with bloggers
  8. Don’t ask bloggers for favors
  9. Actually read what they say and be familiar with the content
  10. Unreasonable timelines/ expectations
  11. Don’t assume some expectations from bloggers
  12. Format your content so that a blogger can use it conveniently
  13. Don’t make bloggers deal with bureaucratic layers and approvals
  14. Make sure you identify yourself
  15. What about managing expectations of treatment for bloggers vs press. Example would be invitation for an event would be just attending vs a full press pass. This can be a double edged sword… do you want to be treated like a journalist or a blogger? Do bloggers put themselves in the “kid’s sandbox”. A solution would be give examples of how you would like to be pitched to. (This is a big tangent) There are clear differences between bloggers and journalists.
  16. Bad attribution or non attribution of a bloggers story as the original source
  17. Insincerity relating to some hidden motivation
  18. Retaliation lead by corporation related to something that disagrees with their point of view
  19. Full disclosure

The number one way to piss off a blogger is: ???? Don’t be sincere, don’t share your identity, unrealistic expectations, unattribution… etc.

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  • […] list of ten (and a few more) came out of the discussion, and is posted at Longstation, but the really interesting angle for me was a debate regarding the status of bloggers, and how […]

  • 3. asdjfdlkf  |  March 16, 2008 at 10:00 am

    Also: don’t say “I have something that might interest you, please phone me on…”


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