SXSW 2008 Keynote on Saturday with Henry Jenkins and Steven Johnson

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Henry Jenkins

Thanks Deneyterrio for the photo

We had a great lunch and now are settled in to the keynote with Henry Jenkins and Steven Johnson. I am hoping the room doesn’t get too dark and the speakers are energetic.

Here are the main points I took away:

  1. Is the new generation dumb? Parents are getting images from media and also see their kids at some of their worst moments, including fear from new technology. It has created a bit if a panic and only needs an event to kickoff.
  2. Assessment needs to change to take into account “collective intelligence” as opposed to autonomous knowledge. You can see easily that young generations share knowledge and have different diverse experiences that combine to make a collective intelligence.
  3. Real life is about working in groups and learning in groups… Education may need to change to reflect this. (I personally believe we work in groups and targeted groups… but we are still just autonomous with autonomous goals
  4. People aren’t idiots. They are smart, so if they do something dumb dig into the reason.
  5. Which is better… Lost or Wire or Fear Factor? It depends on how you judge the content.
  6. How does the world today find time to deal with the content?
  7. How can we harness the collective intelligence and develop new models that can push us to the next level. We are starting to see signs that we are evolving the way we harness the collective intelligence
  8. Cliche that the young folks are learning to read by getting into Harry Potter, and there are groups of youngsters that are writing, developing content and social networking. Kids are learning to be political and are defending their culture…and they are connecting world wide with technology.
  9. Do they care about the Young Folk?
  10. Do we have a crisis or an incredible opportunity? Is the rash of youngsters starting their own companies, getting involved in politics, etc… a moral crisis or an opportunity?
  11. Youngsters use the word “we” and old folks use the word “I”. Obama uses a “Yes WE can” slogan, and that models society and reflects a “we” generation.
  12. Institutions are not keeping up with the new developments of our culture.
  13. Online games are a new kind of civic connection…. Like the bowling leagues of the 50’s
  14. We are investing in our own social networks. How does civic society and technology keep up and change with the new social development?
  15. The internet is an urban location enhancement device.
  16. is developed to give tools to help you find conversations that are happening right now. (here is a funny conversation topic)
  17. Young Folks have the time and desire to shape our community. How can we give the the bottom up tools they need?
  18. What about the 40% of kids that don’t?
  19. Kids don’t need us snooping over their shoulder… but we do need to watch their backs.
  20. Collective intelligence two differences: Wisdom of Crowds vs Pulled Knowledge from Diverse Influences. Diversity should be valued.
  21. Henry Jenkins rocks. We are moving towards something better!

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