Knowing Your Audience SXSW 2008

March 8, 2008 at 4:26 pm 1 comment

Here are some quick notes about the first panel I am attending at SXSW 2008 (Knowing Your Audience):

  1. The internet has created huge amounts of white noise for marketing bands
  2. It is hard to find good artists due to traffic
  3. You should find someone that can help you package your presentation in order to maximize your exposure
  4. You should know your message that you want folks to carry for you – you crystalize your message before contracting someone to carry the message for you.
  5. Artists are able to go direct to audience for funding
  6. Suggest finding folks on the internet that are creating their own channels, once you have a channel of over 200,000 people you are advertising to a group of people the size of an average radio station.
  7. Target existing groups that already have an online audience that are fanatics for your genre
  8. There have been no links promoted in the panel so far 😦
  9. Some good math: 1000 fans X $10 is $100,000. And 1000 fans isn’t that many.
  10. It is easier to make money as a music artist now… in the old days labels took the procedes so you made money touring. Now artists are closer to the source of the money.
  11. Organize your listeners to “bum rush the charts” so that you can get a top exposure in places like iTunes

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