141 Miles Per Gallon

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Piaggio Hybrid Scooter

Piaggio released a new innovative Hybrid Scooter (HyS) with dual (gas and electric) power. The combination has some pretty fantastic benefits (via ScooterSales):

The gas engine offers sparkling performance in standard running, charging the electric motor all the while. And, whenever the rider needs to accelerate particularly fast — when starting from a stopped position, for example — the electric motor assists the engine, supplying about 85% extra performances that gives the vehicle snappier, more efficient acceleration over the first few metres, when it is really needed in town riding.
In-built electronic management combines the two engines to offer not only better acceleration but also about a reduction in fuel consumption (up to 60 km/l) and in CO2 emissions, only 40 g/km (using 65% the hybrid modes and 35% the electric one).

The up to 60km/l fuel efficiency equates to roughly 141 miles per gallon. So at 400 miles per week I could save about $36 per week ($162 per month) …. and I have a very fuel efficient car. I am not ready to even attempt to change my driving habits…. but if the cost of gas tripples – it’s scooter time.

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