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141 Miles Per Gallon

Piaggio Hybrid Scooter

Piaggio released a new innovative Hybrid Scooter (HyS) with dual (gas and electric) power. The combination has some pretty fantastic benefits (via ScooterSales):

The gas engine offers sparkling performance in standard running, charging the electric motor all the while. And, whenever the rider needs to accelerate particularly fast — when starting from a stopped position, for example — the electric motor assists the engine, supplying about 85% extra performances that gives the vehicle snappier, more efficient acceleration over the first few metres, when it is really needed in town riding.
In-built electronic management combines the two engines to offer not only better acceleration but also about a reduction in fuel consumption (up to 60 km/l) and in CO2 emissions, only 40 g/km (using 65% the hybrid modes and 35% the electric one).

The up to 60km/l fuel efficiency equates to roughly 141 miles per gallon. So at 400 miles per week I could save about $36 per week ($162 per month) …. and I have a very fuel efficient car. I am not ready to even attempt to change my driving habits…. but if the cost of gas tripples – it’s scooter time.

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Do You Remember the Whacky Racers?

Nick Lawes has uploaded a set of photos of the Whacky Racers at the Goodwood Revival from 2006.

As a kid I used to sit in Underoos with my morning cereal and enjoy the battle between Dick Dastardly and the gang. Somehow the personalized cars of today fall far short from the expressiveness of these babies:

Originally uploaded by Nick Lawes.

Also, I have to get to the Goodwood Revival. All in all, the Goodwood event looks to be fantastic fun. Ladies dressed in vintage clothing. Vintage car races. Vintage Planes. Vintage Motorcycles. Wow. I have to go. Check out these flickr photos tagged Goodwood Revival.

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