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In Honor of Comic Con – Chasing Amy Comic Convention Scene

The comic con stuff keeps coming. Flickr is mad with photos of fun freaks in costumes. Enough graphic material for a lifetime.

I personally like this “Dude’s Photostream of the Comic Con.”

Comic Con 2007 – 144
Originally uploaded by JohnKit.

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Dora Dance

This is dedicated to Mariam (aka Flashdance). I thought because she is so young and a dancer… she could relate to Dora.

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Jealous Computers Ad Campaign – Nokia N95

Jealous Computers is a pretty funny site that contains videos of a fake epidemic of computer attacks spurned by the jealousy of the Nokia N95.

It makes me wonder though…. Is fake jealous buzz for the Nokia N95 any type of replacement for real excitement like that of the iPhone’s launch.

Also, no where on the site was their product information about the Nokia Nseries… just a link to another website with details. Wouldn’t it be sweet if the buzz were for some fantastic set of life changing features?

So, in review… I like the advertisement (I posted didn’t I?) but I am in no way interested in the Nokia phone. Not even enough interest to click the link to the info site.

If I were them… maybe they should study “Value Equivalency Lines” to come up with a reason to want the product.

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