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George Bush on Global Warming

Will Ferrell is awesome

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Guillermo in the Bourne Ultimatum

Sorry for the hiatus, having a new kid and starting school for my other kids has taken a toll on my free time. I do see light at the end of the tunnel, so expect more posts.

I saw this video of Guillermo from the Jimmy Kimmel show, and it is funny and well done. Make sure you stick in there to at least half way.

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Indiana Jones of Beer

Beer commercials are the comedy channel of advertisement. It is one of the places where you are encouraged to go the extra mile to be funny and the ads still seem to fit the product. Here is a funny beach ad from Foster’s.

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Hold the Line by Sem Assink

Sem Assink has put together this really nicely animated short film that combines great painted 2d Backgrounds with 3d characters that “represent the foolishness of mankind who cannot manage its own destructive powers, and is not critical towards its own systems.” (via Animwatch)

If you want to see what nine months of work looks like… play below:

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Bender Beer Brewer

Simon Jansen is building a beer brewing Bender robot.

Bender Brewer

I am truly amazed at the skill involved in building, from fiberglass, to circuitry… this Bender is getting it all. And also I am impressed with marriage of building stuff with cars and beer and science fiction. If only this dude had a job at “Man Land Amusement Park”.

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Neat Guiness Ad

I really like the special effects. It is like a dark “Cirque du Soleil“… BBDO in Ireland made the spot and it is fun. (I still can’t believe how bad of a site BBDO Ireland has. It was nearly unusable.)

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141 Miles Per Gallon

Piaggio Hybrid Scooter

Piaggio released a new innovative Hybrid Scooter (HyS) with dual (gas and electric) power. The combination has some pretty fantastic benefits (via ScooterSales):

The gas engine offers sparkling performance in standard running, charging the electric motor all the while. And, whenever the rider needs to accelerate particularly fast — when starting from a stopped position, for example — the electric motor assists the engine, supplying about 85% extra performances that gives the vehicle snappier, more efficient acceleration over the first few metres, when it is really needed in town riding.
In-built electronic management combines the two engines to offer not only better acceleration but also about a reduction in fuel consumption (up to 60 km/l) and in CO2 emissions, only 40 g/km (using 65% the hybrid modes and 35% the electric one).

The up to 60km/l fuel efficiency equates to roughly 141 miles per gallon. So at 400 miles per week I could save about $36 per week ($162 per month) …. and I have a very fuel efficient car. I am not ready to even attempt to change my driving habits…. but if the cost of gas tripples – it’s scooter time.

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Do You Remember the Whacky Racers?

Nick Lawes has uploaded a set of photos of the Whacky Racers at the Goodwood Revival from 2006.

As a kid I used to sit in Underoos with my morning cereal and enjoy the battle between Dick Dastardly and the gang. Somehow the personalized cars of today fall far short from the expressiveness of these babies:

Originally uploaded by Nick Lawes.

Also, I have to get to the Goodwood Revival. All in all, the Goodwood event looks to be fantastic fun. Ladies dressed in vintage clothing. Vintage car races. Vintage Planes. Vintage Motorcycles. Wow. I have to go. Check out these flickr photos tagged Goodwood Revival.

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In Honor of Comic Con – Chasing Amy Comic Convention Scene

The comic con stuff keeps coming. Flickr is mad with photos of fun freaks in costumes. Enough graphic material for a lifetime.

I personally like this “Dude’s Photostream of the Comic Con.”

Comic Con 2007 – 144
Originally uploaded by JohnKit.

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Dora Dance

This is dedicated to Mariam (aka Flashdance). I thought because she is so young and a dancer… she could relate to Dora.

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Jealous Computers Ad Campaign – Nokia N95

Jealous Computers is a pretty funny site that contains videos of a fake epidemic of computer attacks spurned by the jealousy of the Nokia N95.

It makes me wonder though…. Is fake jealous buzz for the Nokia N95 any type of replacement for real excitement like that of the iPhone’s launch.

Also, no where on the site was their product information about the Nokia Nseries… just a link to another website with details. Wouldn’t it be sweet if the buzz were for some fantastic set of life changing features?

So, in review… I like the advertisement (I posted didn’t I?) but I am in no way interested in the Nokia phone. Not even enough interest to click the link to the info site.

If I were them… maybe they should study “Value Equivalency Lines” to come up with a reason to want the product.

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