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They are Made of Meat and Balcony TV

I hadn’t realized till now that Meat hadn’t made it to my blog…. so here you go. “They are Made of Meat” is one of my favorite short films. Very creative and not too dificult to produce. Mostly just good ol’ concept. Also, one of the actors (Ben Bailey) on the video is in a show on discovery called “Cash Cab“.

Speaking of good concepts… I think the director Stephen O’Regan is someone to keep an eye on. I saw a quick video about Balcony TV on YouTube… and at first thought it was “silly”. After reviewing the mass of nearly 400 music performances… I have changed my mind.

So, if you are interested in 400 pretty sweet candid music videos with the tag line, “Every Day Something New”… then click away. Balcony TV.

In case you want to know what I mean here is an example video from Elavator:

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San Diego Comic Con – Festival of Imagery

The San Diego Comic Con mixes up an enormous number of visitors and fanatics for what appears to be a festival of the senses.

[splashcast ROYI6922VN]

Flickr currently has around 4300 photos tagged with ComicCon2007.

I am proud to have a representative of local talent showing their work at the convention. Penny Farthing Press has first class work… and I believe a very nice booth there. Here is a little about Penny Farthing Press:

Penny-Farthing Press officially opened its doors in 1998 with a small staff and a plan to create comic books and children’s books that exemplified quality storytelling, artwork, and printing.

Here is an example of their quality:

PFPress Zendra Artwork

I used to work with their Art Director, Charles Hancock. He is a decent human being.

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