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Stop the Design Madness

I was reading an interesting post on “Making energy use visible” (via fulminate // Architectures of Control) and was having an enjoyable time discovering new ways to visualize energy usage. Personally I think that awareness of energy usage would help out my entire family… and may lead to some great surprises as well….

That’s when it happened.

I clicked this link: The resulting page was a nice web layout with all of the text converted to sliced images instead of HTML text!!!!

Bad Design

At this day and age, how can this be so? Why? For the love of all reason? Why?

Whoever got paid to make this needs to refund the money. Because it isn’t a web site. It has no searchable HTML text so it is doing the owners a dis-service. I can’t believe anyone found it to link me. I wonder if it was the company, developer, or ad agency that built the site?

To help illustrate what I mean by dis-service: I saw statistics today for a flash piece (same problem, no HTML text) that I have traffic reports for. Unlike searchable pages this flash item can only be accessed through a web link. To find it is like finding Harry Potter’s Goblet of Fire. So the result is a 1:2750 page access ratio. This particular element has a very upside down cost ratio, almost 2:1 for the site development. Therefore, it is a prime example of a waste of time and money.

Make your website capable of being found. Make it interactive. Make it convert. But don’t make it unusable. In 2007 this type of paid design work is unacceptable.

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Nano Projector – Gadgets are getting so cool

Imagine being a “salesman of the future”. You will carry no bags. You will carry no laptop. You will carry no cords, cables, or plugs. You will only carry a small phone like device that has your whole world… and can now project that world onto the surface of your choice. Sweet.

Nano Projection

The future just got closer. Explay has just revealed the world’s first pocket nano projector:

Explay introduced and demonstrated the oio at a press conference at SID 2007 in Long Beach, California today. oio, the first truly mobile and fully operational nano-projector, displayed a high image quality and brightness.

“Explay is a nano-projection powerhouse. Based on years of experience and industry feedback, we believe that the nano-projector market will evolve initially through companions or stand alone devices. Accordingly, Explay has focused its efforts on delivering oio as a complete and truly mobile nano-projector solution,” said Explay’s CEO Mr. Daniel Oleiski.

I can’t wait till I can do demos or share the content of my online profile with anyone anywhere. This might just be another step in the right direction.

Now what is it going to cost me?

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Flight of The Conchords – Business Time

I apologize if this video offends you or is too close to the truth:

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