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29,000 Sex Offenders on MySpace?

Ad Age posted an article that stated, “MySpace has identified more than 29,000 registered sex offenders on its social network.” And that “several attorneys general are working to slap restrictions on social networks“.

I have two (almost three) daughters and the prospect of any of them being approached by a sex offender in a social network is “bothersome” in the least. I actually don’t want my oldest daughter in MySpace yet. But, I know it is coming.

There are predators inside of “cyberspace” and outside in the “real world”. My daughter could ride the bus, walk in the mall, swim at the beach…. and be in physical proximity to a predator. What I would encourage is to teach your children about their own safety and how they can make themselves less at risk. Basically – to not put yourself in “harms way”. And when your children are not old enough to make that decision… you do it for them.

Hyper social communication makes it easy to stay in touch with others. That means it is easier for the good and the bad. It is an individual decision and responsibility to be aware of your safety and how you should behave. Parents teach your children and do what a parent should do: throttle their freedom with their responsibility to handle it.

My daughter will be on social network sites. They are amazing and fun. She will (hopefully) also understand her responsibility in maintaining a safe environment where she will be respected.

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Social Networks as Commodities

Tech Crunch posted an article called 9 Ways to Build Your Own Social Network and I think it is a good article on what items make up commodities within social networks. I do get approached quite often from folks that are interested in growing their own social networks, so maybe a few will catch on to this post and do some exploration.

Also, Jeremiah Owyang has listed a huge list here that includes social network platforms that allow you to rebrand. There are about 50 platforms listed… so maybe one will fit your needs.

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Do you get annoyed by excessive whistling?

I don’t know that this makes me want to buy a Fiat… but I like the storyline. Very cute.

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Adidas – Whole World in His Hands

Ever feel like you are carrying the whole world?

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