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Ad Campaigns on Facebook Showing Poor Click Throughs

I did some more research on Facebook and found a couple of interesting articles on the poor quality of advertising campaigns in Facebook. Below is an excerpt from Valleywag:

Facebook‘s members appear indifferent even to movie advertising aimed at their demographic. Clickthrough rates, the percentage of time users click on an ad, average 0.04% — just 400 clicks in every 1m views — according to one report seen by Valleywag.

In another post by Reach Students Blog:

We’ve run four targeted campaigns this year using its flyer ads, and each time the results have been disappointing.

Our most recent campaign saw 1.4 million page impressions delivered at specific universities – and only a 0.04% clickthrough rate. Ouch.

So, how does money play into a free social networks revenue model. Will the bottom fall out?

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Excited about Facebook acquiring Parakey


Parakey is fascinating by itself (read this via Spectrum online)… but now it is in the hands of Facebook (via Tech Crunch). Where is this whole thing going? At a minimum Facebook is going to improve ease of use for Facebookers by having an online operating system that turns your computer into a bit of a remote server…. but at a maximum we could have something entirely revolutionary.

Imagine the convenience of an online operating system. The convenience should create a content boost that may be more like a “fat tail” than a “long tail”. Also, those folks developing online apps may need to start considering the possibilities of a richer online operating system. It is pretty intense to think that the major platforms we are working towards could rapidly shift by the convenience of a super browser.

Also, Parakey is intended to be open source (via Matt). Don’t know if the folks wanting to make money will let it stay that way… but it should be very open to collaboration.

It is too early to tell if this is a “Cheese Mover”. But I have my eye on it.

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Chopping Broccoli – An SNL Classic

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