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Wii Fit Parody

This is amazingly funny. Step up on the white thing!!

The music score does it for me.

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Flight Of The Conchords – Bowie Song

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The Simpsons (folks doing PR) Are Billiant

Another big hit from the Simpson’s buzz creating engine – in the August edition of Harper’s Bazaar there is a nice spread of the Simpson’s characters drawn as members of the fashion world. Follow these two links to see the whole spread and get a flare for the depth of the research and execution that went into the illustrations:


Simpsons Fashion

The Simpson’s buzz has permeated so many different arenas. I am more than impressed. I read a post saying they thought the marketing is done in desperation and the time for Simpsons has passed.

Regardless of the box office outcome…. I don’t know any other movie or event that has everyone on the internet making icons of themselves on twitter, or standing in lines to get into 7-Eleven.

The marketing is brilliant. Below is a Technorati Chart of Simpson’ blog post traffic for the last year. Notice the huge recent spikes.

Technorati Simpsons

Get your own chart!

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Ikea RoomMateLiving Campaign

Weird. I haven’t even made up my mind if I like this ad campaign by Ikea. See for yourself. It is just weird:

I think heads in drawers making weird beat box noises scare me. Also, don’t know about the sales quality of the commercial. However, I am talking about Ikea.

Also, on July 25th from 6-9 pm, kids with a college ID can win stuff at the store… ranging from free meals to an entire purchase.

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When Roads Explode – Go Read Jalopnik’s Account of the Manhattan Steam Explosion

Jalopnik has an amazing first person account of yesterday’s Manhattan steam explosion. Read about it here.

Steam Explosion

Here is an excerpt:

That not-so-long six block walk to the studio gave me time to call friends, family and loved ones to explain that I was fine but I didn’t know what was happening. Well, at least I did that for the first two blocks and then phone calls became impossible as the cell towers became jammed with frantic calls from mothers to children, men to wives and all other forms of familial or non-familial relationships. That gave me four blocks to contemplate the weirdest part of the whole experience for me — the fact that the road, something I’d always taken for granted, could possibly explode.

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