Crystal Beach Murder Freaks Me Out

July 17, 2007 at 7:42 pm Leave a comment

I have two (nearly three) daughters and this chilling tale of murder at Crystal Beach (via Houstonist), just around the corner from where I spend some of my summer, freaks me out. This is the kind of thing that keeps my kids locked safely in the backyard… not to venture out alone.

I don’t envision the beach as a place of “major danger”… except on spring break. And to know that someone was murdered just around the corner. Ugggghhhhhh.

My oldest daughter is really at an age that she should be able to go out with friends and ride bikes. But I can’t even seem to let that go. How safe is this planet, city, street, internet? Do your kids know the rules?

 DON’T GO OUT ALONE There is safety in numbers and this rule isn’t just for little kids, it applies to everyone. We are always safer if we take a friend, sister, or brother.

ALWAYS TELL AN ADULT WHERE YOU’RE GOING Letting someone know where you’ll be at all times is smart. If you’re ever faced with a risky situation or get into trouble, your family and friends will know where to begin looking for you.

IT’S YOUR BODY You have the right to reject unwanted and inappropriate attention such as teasing, touching, and bullying.

SAY NO IF YOU FEEL THREATENED, AND TELL A TRUSTED ADULT If someone – anyone – touches you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, you have the right to say no. Whether it is peer pressure about sex, drugs, or doing something that you know is wrong, be strong and stand your ground. Don’t be afraid to make your feelings known.

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