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Bolivar is Under Water

My parents beach house is floating inbetween the bay and the ocean in “Wall to Wall Water”.

They are there… I am hoping the rain subsides.

Rain in Bolivar

Bolivar Flooding

July 6, 2007 at 3:41 pm 1 comment’s Interactive Weather Map BETA

Wow. Did I say Wow? I mean Wow.

BETA interactive weather map

The BETA interactive weather map on is amazing. It moves smooth… allows zoom… and best of all has a transparency filter that allows you to see through the clouds and radar to the map. It is fantastic. You can drag and move it. Wow.

If they will let me embed it, then I will be “oh so happy”. Imagine this map on a client’s event page? 

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Respectance – A social tribute web site

Recently a friend of mine’s father passed away…. and I was left with both grief for her and her family, and also reflections on my own parents (and wishing they take good care of themselves). Also, as a father, I know I have to be around for a long time.

Just by coincidence, TechCrunch posted a social site called Respectance that pays tribute to those that have left us. You can upload stories, photos, movies and such. There is no advertising and it is done quite respectfully. I think the idea of a place to share stories and old photos is great.

As tribute to my friend I am linking you Bob Marley’s page: (Bob shares her birthday.)

Bob Marley Respectance

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