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YouTube – Emperor of the Internet Tubes

YouTube Penetration

YouTube has reached 60% mass on video viewership online. Wow.

I love YouTube. Putting the videos on my blog is easy. Putting content online is cool. There is enough content now that almost any search result ends in bliss.

I [heart] YouTube. All is Full of Love

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Kwik E Mart

Are you a Simpson’s fan? For the release of the movie, marketers have taken over 7-Elevens and changed them to Kwik-E-Marts. The transformation is amazing. Below is a slideshow and a Flickr link for more:
[splashcast KICS4549TC]

And more at this blog:

And for the movie’s web site:

Simpsons the Movie

And to find a Kwik-E-Mart go here: (sorry no Houston)

Also, here is my Simpson’s Avatar at Moe’s:

My Simpson’s Avatar At Moe’s

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Diesel ‘Liquid Space’ Holographic Fashion Show

This is pretty amazing. I would have loved to have been there… also the video isn’t clear on how the projection is done. I was very curious how they did it and found information on the Creative Review blog:

Diesel’s Creative Team (under the direction of Wilbert Das) based the show on an aquatic theme entitled “Liquid Space” and brought together Barcelona animation studio Dvein – who worked on the CGI visual effects and 3D animations – and Danish multi-media production agency, Vizoo, who provided the innovative technology for the show, which they had created themselves. Neither studio, say Diesel, had previously worked on anything like this before.


“The visuals are projected through a series of ‘foils’ into mid air, so you see the images in mid-air. The models can then interact with them and walk through them. We used plastic foils placed at 45 degree angles so that the projected light from the ceiling goes onto a foil, is reflected on to another and then into the air.

We worked it so it had a real catwalk feel and so that you could view it from both sides: you can see the models, the holograms and the public from both sides. It’s never been used this way before as the technology has just been used in the corporate world before, for sales presentations, and the visuals have always just been viewed from one side. So we set up two rigs instead.

The animations were done with standard CGI animation software but were made for a 15m by 2.5m screen. It’s all rendered in HD, too, so was quite demanding as it’s 30 frames per second. We worked on the whole thing, from storyboard through to the final render in just two and a half months. Bringing together Dvein and Vizoo gave us this unique, truly holographic, 3D motion graphic experience.”

Diesel Fashion Show

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