Here Come the Apps (sung to the tune of here come the clowns)

July 2, 2007 at 4:48 pm Leave a comment

Tendenci Moblie (my companies mobile association software)I saw a post on Captology Notebook today that listed the elements of persuasion on mobile phones as: text messaging, photos, and voice. The post said that the difficulty of third party apps to be included on moblie phones attributed to the lack of richness in offerings.

I agree, third party apps are trouble to install and maintain on phones. I have a blackberry and am pissed off that it didn’t come with media software integrated.

The savior will be phone web browsers. DoCoMo did it. They ignored WAP and instead made browsing on your phone possible through an easy to use web browser integrated into the phone. This is it. Hopefully the iPhone will add richness where I have been disappointed in the blackberry.  Also, blackberry should be ashamed that they haven’t taken the steps first. They had the architecture and an existing user base. Also this may be the competitive edge necessary to disrupt the competition among cell companies. This may be the blue ocean. It was for DoCoMo. I also suggest mobile service pricing that makes use of unlimited web usage in reach of the majority of consumers (Like DoCoMo did).

Good luck you mobile web app developers. Also good luck at iPhone Dev Camp Ed.

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