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Ashleywood Illustrates Without a Safety Net

Ashleywood Tank Girl

Today on Ashleywood‘s site he comments that he is no longer drawing with pencil and re-inking the art. Instead he is jumping in and illustrating with ink directly… thus saving time and forcing himself to get better. Because there is no “safety net” he is forced to improve or flounder. We know what the outcome is for Ashley Wood…. but what would it be for you.

I think this is a good exercise (not sure I would recommend it for programming) after you have a good basic foundation. Ahsleywood comments that the composition starts from the helmet and works outward. In school, most students that try this end up with proportions that are disastorous. So, I think you really need a good base before you can break the rules. Surely this is almost like an athlete that is finding their own way to preform better.

I recently removed my safety net by moving into the sales team at Schipul. Talk about “no safety net”, just a jump into a position that is strictly performance based…. after a long safe position as creative director. I really do think it fits me well, and for most people getting thrown to the fire creates personal growth. I needed it. Who would have thought I would be a salesman? The name “salesman” still gives me the ickies.

I see many of the “kids” around me doing the same. Jason McElweenie is moving to manage the Search Marketing department in our company and it takes on a great deal of personal responsibility and challenges. He has jumped in, and I know like Ash, he will do amazing.

So what are you waiting for. Jump in.

Fire Hands

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The importance of teaching

I have some advice for those that are teenagers or near to it. Teach the young.At a meeting with the red cross recently, one of the red cross workers discussed the benefits of teenagers that learned to give swim lessons and got certified to baby sit. They can run their own schedule, make more per hour than fast food, and then there is the additional benefit of personal growth.

Leadership and growing those younger than you can create great personal benefits to those serving. Confidence is a huge benefit that comes with leadership… but it also gives you a sense of the big picture. And the big picture is larger than your own self (selfishness).

So if you have a choice between coaxing your child into fast food service or swim lessons/ babysitting. Pick the latter.

The kids that we have worked with this summer on swim team will develop into great managers/leaders/teachers. They have learned to work as a team. Develop personalities outside themselves. Challenge others for improvement and deal with other’s selfishness and immaturity. I can only hope that much for your teens / tweens.

I think it is more than most parents could teach.

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