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Gary and Dad

1956 Chevy

(Photo by Dan Shouse)

I spent some time with “Dear ole Dad” this week and he was in a “sharing mood”. So, I got to hear some stories from his childhood and I realized immediately that the stories had huge implications on the internet as we know it today. Here is the tie in: Not all great content is online.

He told me two stories that were about his cousin Gary that I thought you might enjoy. Gary is about 5 months younger than dad and they used to go on two day horseback rides to the Interstate and back… camping in the woods wherever they wanted…. What a free life. Now your kids can’t even go to the end of the street (How Children Lost the Right to Roam in Four Generations). Gary also had Epilepsy and drowned at 24 during an attack while swimming (very sad).

Anyways here are the quick stories:

  1. First have you ever grown a garden? One day at about age 11, Dad and Gary went for a horseback ride and left the farm for a day of galavanting (galavanting is best done on horseback).  After an entire day of riding the young men came back to find the entire family’s garden ravished by “goats”…. and of course, Dad and Gary left the gate open and let the “goats into the garden”. Goats eat everything. Gardens take a while to grow and a good deal of hard work. Therefore an enormous ass beating followed.

    Dad admits that as a child he just thought the beating was mean…. but as a grown up he would have done the same.

  2. 1965 Egging Expidition. Dad and Gary took off in their 1956 Chevy and dozens of eggs to lay down a Halloween of terror among a neigboring community. The egging seemed to be going well until a “brick” flew threw the window – flying by dad’s head and smacking Gary “squarely”. Blood and broken glass. Dad and Gary had to come up with a plan. They schemed and decided on a huge lie…. and were proud with their plot to decieve their fathers.

    It took no more than two steps into the house for “Grandpa and his Brother” to pull both boys into the side room by their collars for a – “Don’t give me that shit… tell the truth / confrontation”. The best laid plans of mice and men….

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