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68 Comments on Meta Filter Debating the Early Release of White Stripes Album

A Chicago radio station, Q101, played a “supposedly” illegal copy of the new White Stripe’s album in it’s entirety. Jack White called in from Spain to berate the DJ repsonsible and irately reprimanded her.

The question is? Is this just a PR stunt? The timing, call from Spain, illegal copy at a radio station, etc. all seem a little hoaxish – according to some of these comments. (The debate on the site is pretty great – and it is neat that Jack called himself, instead of a lawyer).

Here is the first single from the album:

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“I Love Live” Website from the “Early Days” of the Internet.

The human brain,

More powerful than you can possibly imagine,

Yet soft and vulnerable,

Like a jar of warm meat paste.

Troy D. Chinula

Things this good should never be removed from the internet. The”I Love Live” promotion was one of the funniest mini sites I have ever seen. I wish they would have done it in the days of blogging and youtube (it was released about 2 years ago). Imagine online live video’s with Troy? That would have really sold a “live component” and built a fanbase and badging.

Thanks Xebius.

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You Tube as a “Spin Tool / News Agent” Against Pharmaceutical Companies

Ad age had an interesting article about YouTube being used to converse about issues inside Phamaceutical companies, and how it is being used to break “stories” about how marketing ethics are being handled.

The video below shows a Zyprexa Drug representative that was “trained” on how to market to doctors to “downplay” side effects and make decisions that waylay ethics against financial return:

Pharmedout is part of a Georgetown University publicly funded project that intends to bring to light issues in drug marketing. If you look at the comments on this video about PharmedOut’s mission… you will see a passionate debate about whether “overactive bladder syndrome” is a real disorder, and what constitutes going to the bathroom enough?

However, I think the issue at hand is whether drugs should be marketed by “free lunches” and “superbowl commercials”?

I do care that my “American Dollars” for perscription drugs go toward superbowl commercials and doctor schmoozing. And I care that someone “stretches the facts” or worse “leaves out important known information” in order to make a sale. I am a salesman. Tell the truth.

Also, it is very common place to have someone say they are going to “Mexico/Canada” and “Hey, will you pick some of this (insert prescription drug name) up for me?”. And you realize the driver for such activity is that the drug has been “marked up 1000%. The only reason an industry would allow such behavior (the omission of supply and demand laws) is due to the fact that the access is controlled. I recognize controlled access is necessary, but I don’t condone paying 1000% markup as being remotely ethical. The consumer is not allowed to operate under normal laws of demand. Doctors play ignorant and blame lawyers. Hospitals blame doctors. Drug companies blame insurance. Etc.

They would all squak if the government controlled access to gasoline based on perscription. And the industry marked price per gallon up 1000% as a result. At least gasoline is controlled by supply and demand.

Who has a suggestion for a better way?

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