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Thomas Crampton is No Longer Engaged

Boing Boing posted a funny story about Thomas Crampton, who unchecked the engaged box in Facebook and unwittingly notified his entier social network that we was not engaged anymore.

Thomas did it to keep privacy in his affairs (and he is still engaged)… but didn’t know that he was creating a serious communications situation that spanned “nine time zones” and auto notified and sent to feeds his new status. Although he was still engaged… he just wanted more privacy in his relationship and decided to change a setting. He also became a rapid source of condolences on Twitter.

Wow… what a demonstration of the power of digital rumors and word of click messaging.

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Ashleywood Illustrates Without a Safety Net

Ashleywood Tank Girl

Today on Ashleywood‘s site he comments that he is no longer drawing with pencil and re-inking the art. Instead he is jumping in and illustrating with ink directly… thus saving time and forcing himself to get better. Because there is no “safety net” he is forced to improve or flounder. We know what the outcome is for Ashley Wood…. but what would it be for you.

I think this is a good exercise (not sure I would recommend it for programming) after you have a good basic foundation. Ahsleywood comments that the composition starts from the helmet and works outward. In school, most students that try this end up with proportions that are disastorous. So, I think you really need a good base before you can break the rules. Surely this is almost like an athlete that is finding their own way to preform better.

I recently removed my safety net by moving into the sales team at Schipul. Talk about “no safety net”, just a jump into a position that is strictly performance based…. after a long safe position as creative director. I really do think it fits me well, and for most people getting thrown to the fire creates personal growth. I needed it. Who would have thought I would be a salesman? The name “salesman” still gives me the ickies.

I see many of the “kids” around me doing the same. Jason McElweenie is moving to manage the Search Marketing department in our company and it takes on a great deal of personal responsibility and challenges. He has jumped in, and I know like Ash, he will do amazing.

So what are you waiting for. Jump in.

Fire Hands

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The importance of teaching

I have some advice for those that are teenagers or near to it. Teach the young.At a meeting with the red cross recently, one of the red cross workers discussed the benefits of teenagers that learned to give swim lessons and got certified to baby sit. They can run their own schedule, make more per hour than fast food, and then there is the additional benefit of personal growth.

Leadership and growing those younger than you can create great personal benefits to those serving. Confidence is a huge benefit that comes with leadership… but it also gives you a sense of the big picture. And the big picture is larger than your own self (selfishness).

So if you have a choice between coaxing your child into fast food service or swim lessons/ babysitting. Pick the latter.

The kids that we have worked with this summer on swim team will develop into great managers/leaders/teachers. They have learned to work as a team. Develop personalities outside themselves. Challenge others for improvement and deal with other’s selfishness and immaturity. I can only hope that much for your teens / tweens.

I think it is more than most parents could teach.

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SlideShare – Sharing is better

I used a service today that I think is amazing….. SlideShare.  SlideShare is a community of people that have uploaded their powerpoint slides. The site is well optimized and finding a slide on Positioning, Tipping Points, Second Life Newbie Tips, or Blue Ocean Strategy worksheets is ubelievably easy.

I have embedded the slides below, to demonstrate the level of simplicity in using and sharing the slides.

I know this site is going to help my speaking exponentially. You can learn both by viewing others thoughts and also in viewing the graphic layout of some of the slides. Check out the graphic layout of text on this slide set:

Very nice. Hope you enjoy, here is a link to the most viewed

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Statler and Waldorf for your Friday

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Gary and Dad

1956 Chevy

(Photo by Dan Shouse)

I spent some time with “Dear ole Dad” this week and he was in a “sharing mood”. So, I got to hear some stories from his childhood and I realized immediately that the stories had huge implications on the internet as we know it today. Here is the tie in: Not all great content is online.

He told me two stories that were about his cousin Gary that I thought you might enjoy. Gary is about 5 months younger than dad and they used to go on two day horseback rides to the Interstate and back… camping in the woods wherever they wanted…. What a free life. Now your kids can’t even go to the end of the street (How Children Lost the Right to Roam in Four Generations). Gary also had Epilepsy and drowned at 24 during an attack while swimming (very sad).

Anyways here are the quick stories:

  1. First have you ever grown a garden? One day at about age 11, Dad and Gary went for a horseback ride and left the farm for a day of galavanting (galavanting is best done on horseback).  After an entire day of riding the young men came back to find the entire family’s garden ravished by “goats”…. and of course, Dad and Gary left the gate open and let the “goats into the garden”. Goats eat everything. Gardens take a while to grow and a good deal of hard work. Therefore an enormous ass beating followed.

    Dad admits that as a child he just thought the beating was mean…. but as a grown up he would have done the same.

  2. 1965 Egging Expidition. Dad and Gary took off in their 1956 Chevy and dozens of eggs to lay down a Halloween of terror among a neigboring community. The egging seemed to be going well until a “brick” flew threw the window – flying by dad’s head and smacking Gary “squarely”. Blood and broken glass. Dad and Gary had to come up with a plan. They schemed and decided on a huge lie…. and were proud with their plot to decieve their fathers.

    It took no more than two steps into the house for “Grandpa and his Brother” to pull both boys into the side room by their collars for a – “Don’t give me that shit… tell the truth / confrontation”. The best laid plans of mice and men….

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Atlas Shrugged in Venezuela and PDVSA

Atlas ShruggedI have been on a quest to complete the book “Atlas Shrugged” and was floored by the similarities with activities in Venezuela.

Chavez has nationalized all of the United States oil production facilities and fired huge amounts of employees of Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) – amounting to nearly all of the leading free thinkers in the oil and gas industry. Chavez funds his political regime with the money from PDVSA, yet takes away from the capitol needing to sustain and improve the oil company. Thus a decline in production is eminent with blame going to sabotuers and detractors of the government.

He is a “Washington Man” for sure – He even creatively suggested that the American oil companies that got Nationalized owe back taxes to the tune of their assets. Also he has suggested paying them for any leftover assets with coupons that allow them to be bidders in the new Venezuala oil ventures. I am sure they are jumping at the chance.

It is amazing how this corelates to the takeover of the people in Atlas Shrugged… and we are watching it real time. The media channels are gone (Now the poor that had TV can’t hear the viewpoints expressed on RCTV). I just hope the interenet can save them. If you are in Venezuala and can blog…. do it. Let people hear your voice. Don’t go silently.

Also, if you have read the book (Atlas Shrugged), there is an essay contest at the Ayn Rand Institute worth the following:

FIRST PRIZE: $10,000
5 THIRD PRIZES: $1,000
20 FINALISTS: $100

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Don’s Beer Barn Pool Girls

Now that I have your attention… I was up in North East Texas this weekend and learned about “Don’s Beer Barn”. To lay the foundation correctly first I have to tell you that Tyler Texas is a dry county. What this does in terms of feeding the beer swilling economies of neighboring counties is uncomparable. You see competition for us is going to the Grocery store. For Longview Texas (a city in a wet county), sellers of alcoholic beverages can be more creative.

Don’s Beer BarnDon, of Don’s Beer Barn – a drive thru liquer store – has taken a large “hot tub – also known as the pool” and placed it strategically between the two incoming traffic lanes at the drive thru beer barn. Thus eliminating the cars that may have left the site due to long lines at the beer window. Now you have the “pool girls” to entertain you while you wait.

Please see for yourself:  Don’s Beer Barn Pool Girls Video

I hear that the girls get paid 10 bucks an hour to hang out in the sun. Also, another interesting fact about “Don” is that he apparently tips in local restraunts with “Don’s Dollars“. These dollars are merely coupons… and not real dollars. So, you can imagine the waitresses are thrilled at that.

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Whats a Girl to Do?

Fun video… you have to stick with it for 30 seconds though.

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Renault Megane: Difficult Road (Jason will love the music)

I posted this for two reasons:

  1. The graphics are hillarious… a lot campy and imaginative.
  2. Jason McElweenie will love the music.

Via Ads of the World.

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This is Limbo

This is Limbo is definitely one of the most original artists I have seen in a while. Tons of work went into these pieces that are intended to be only temporary. They are very emotional and  frail. The light seems to give hope to the urban viewers in the post winter world.

Thank you Limbo for your work. Also, please visit his Flickr site and leave comments. Thanks,

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“Never Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth” – Newspaper Sues Google for Linking

A Belgian newspaper sued Google for copyright infringement when the newspaper’s headlines ended up in Google search results. Google quickly stopped indexing the papers and the suit was dropped. Apparently the paper’s traffic dropped an immediate 25% due to the loss of Google referrals. (Via The Future of News)

It is almost like listening to the moral of a fairy tale… or an old expression like “never look a gift horse in the mouth“. If someone gives you an amazing gift (like a gift horse) don’t complain. Accept it graciously. Thank you Google… better yet, How can we help you help us?

Also, thanks Rebba for the “horse photo”. (charming.. Originally uploaded by _rebekka.)

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Business Suit Trappers in Honor of Casual Friday

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Microsoft Sea Dragon

This is amazing. It is an environment for working with enormous amounts of visual data.

It doesn’t matter how big the images are, you only deal with what is on the screen at that time. So very little performance issues. Also you can see that it has enourmous potential to change the depth of web content.

Via the Tims and College Humor 

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Salesforce is Smart – Integration with Google AdWords Campaigns released a new program called “Group Edition” that will allow you to track online sales from advertising with Google Ad Words. (via TechCruch)

One of the most beautiful parts about the program is the “quick visualization” you will recieve in the reports. The screen shot below shows quickly how you can review you transactions. The program will also enable the users to better profile their prospects. Nice.

Salesforce Report Screenshot

Our software, Tendenci, has been tracking “transaction events” forever. But the profile of interpretive data and the integration of gathered knowledge from Google are very enticing. I think the program will be an enormous success and I am personally very interested.

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