Graceland – Elvis’s Home

May 1, 2007 at 4:37 pm Leave a comment

I went to Graceland on Friday. I highly recommend the audio tour and I really liked the fact that I was alone and could do the tour at my pace and spend time on anything I wanted. I was surprised by several things at Graceland:

  1. How “normal” Elvis’s House was in todays standards (I know insurance agents that have bigger homes – things were so much smaller scale in the 50’s)
  2. How much “success” Elvis had (he had so many gold recordswithout the cowbell)
  3. How many mirrors Elvis had as decoration (the greatest love of all)
  4. How weird you can get once you have more wealth than you can handle (porcelian monkeys are weird)

The decor at Elvis’s house was circa 1965, which is not good, and his costumes from the 70’s are crazy. One of my favorite tidbits was that Elvis’s personal logo carries the letters “TCB” which stands “Taking Care of Business“. Elvis does strike me as someone that “Gets Things Done“.

Please enjoy the photos below:

The King's 70s Wardrobe. Wow.

The Kitchen was a Gathering Place at Graceland.

Downstairs Living Room

Cool sofa... but yellow and blue?

The Jungle Room And Elvis's Playing Chair.

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