Maybe he should call in the trappers

January 26, 2007 at 3:58 pm Leave a comment

John K. sounds pretty bitter about Hollywood executives and their treatment of talent. The kind of comments below make me feel good that I work at Schiupl. Also John’s tone is very one sided – all executives are evil and normal people suck:

John K said: No one would spend their own money in such a shameful wasteful way. Executives spend the corporations’ money to amuse themselves and hire their friends, not to make money for their companies.

And this comment below makes me sick…. I don’t believe the average person is an idiot or that great ideas only come from creatives and I don’t believe that anything needs to be “dumbed down” to make people feel smarter. Just look at online culture. People are smarter than you think.

Matt Greenwood wrote: Think of the millions of fat idiotic Americans sitting in their living rooms not wanting to think or see anything too smart or it’ll make them feel dumb. I think executives know how to please these idiots and make a load of cash from them.

Of course I’d love it if TV shows and films were a process purely done by the creative people, but then look what would happen, creative people are smart, they’d come up with too many good ideas and where would that leave the majority of idiots?

 I figure that John’s only course of action is to call in the “trappers”.

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