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Ms John Soda – Solid Ground

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640 Comments. Is this real? Does it work? Is it Illegal?

Read the comments here:

There is much passion about this video.  The conspiracy guys are going wild:

Kubilius (6 hours ago) This is illegal not becouse it’s hidden, it’s illegal couse the 25th frame advertising does stuff to your brains. You should read why after Coca-Cola experiments it was prohibited. McDonalds is breaking the laws and ethics by doing this. This is why noone in Europe would ever eat at McDonalds. McDonalds in Europe stays alive only becouse of Americans and Russians, who love fat unhealthy food wherever they go 🙂

brigidfitch (17 hours ago)  Jonny–I said subliminal advertising is legal. As recently as 2000, a couple of Senators from Oregon & Louisiana complained to the FCC about a Republican election ad that flashed the word “Rats” for 1/30 of a second. (The group responsible for the ad later claimed that it was supposed to flash “Bureaucrats”, but the first part of the word somehow went missing during editing).

Vaishino (17 hours ago)  A state of hypnosis and standard consciousness are two completely different circumstances. James Vicary was the guy who originally put forth the idea of using subliminal messages as an advertising technnique. He falsified his experimental data, and later admitted that he did, and no controlled experiment to date has been able to make subliminal advertising work conclusively.

It is pretty heated and fun to read. I am not sure I believe that it is real. I would have had to see the broadcast in the “non internet” context. Does that make me a conspiracy theorist?

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Don’t forget to wash your hands

This Guerilla Advertisment for is pretty creative:

Wash Your Hands

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Star Wars Re-enacted in Hands

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