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Standing Your Ground

So, Ed made a post that linked this article from Violent Acres that ruggedly suggests that expressing your own oppinion is more loveable and valuable than “agree-ability for the sake of friendship”.

I don’t think it takes a genious to see that standing your ground gets respect and admiration. I almost never look down on someone that:

  • Is a committed vegetarian, or
  • Won’t drink alcohol due to beliefs, or
  • Hunts for sport, or
  • Won’t do business with me because I don’t meet their need???

Even though I am not a vegetarian, or a hunter, or have anything against alcohol used moderately, and I believe my employers product is the best…. I do respect those that can uphold their commitments to their peers and tell me what they think.

There is some validity in “dislike of people that violate your convictions“. It may be a source of struggle for the world, but there are some things that are disagreements and others that are conviction violations. You cannot flip flop on convictions. And I am aware that others have convictions that are different than my own. So, I am not sure that a person that violates my convictions could be in my inner circle. Could they be respected? Sure. But not in the inner circle.

Flip Floppers are the worst… I am a Christian and this example below is so hard to deal with. He just sidesteps what he says in an earlier question:

I also respect companies that can do the same. I hope to always work in a place that can handle strong people. My only other comment is that I find sometimes the “gen Y” kids like to argue just for arguments sake. Almost the “anti-agree’er” to Violent Acres post. So in tribute I give you a good argument below.

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