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Boing Boing versus the NY Times

Boing Boing just released some statistics on last years viewing that you can see here:

Now to give a frame of reference for viewership I am estimating that the NY Times has an annual circulaiton of 445,151,692. (based on numbers I found on Wikipedia)

Boing Boing recieved 115,788,718 unique visits last year. And 144,949,688 various RSS/Atom feeds that don’t necessarily register as page visits in weblog statistics. The RSS / Atom data is cached by readers like bloglines so one access could account for several thousand subsribers.

What I am saying is that Boing Boing gets a comparitive readership and potentially as much as the NY Times. It would probaly be safe to say that Boing Boing gets at least half of the readership. Also, to be fair, I don’t know the NY Times web statistics, so that is not accounted for (I would like to see that information if you know the amount).

Now there are two real measurements that need to be considered with numbers of this size:

  1. Money
  2. Influence

I can guarantee you that NY Times has Boing Boing “creamed” in the money category. The NY Times has a huge infrastructure that has enourmous advertising, classified, and subscirption / circulation revenue generators. Boing Boing is a blog, based on a free culture that can make revenue in advertising… but not with the same infrastructure as a newspaper.

The second measure is influence. This is tougher. Boing Boing may have a higher readership per “news article” than the NY Times… and a much more narrow audience. Also the audience is huge. As an influencer Boing Boing is someone that political candidates and companies should consider as “scary” as the NY Times. Also, due to the “potentially huge” audience with lower cost infrastructure, advertisers should find Boing Boing‘s eyeballs a value compared to the NY Times.

This is just something for you to “chew on”. Nice to see the blog share the statistic data publically. Thanks.

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