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Sony Gets a Slap on the Wrist

Sony BMG gets a slap on the rist of $1.5 Million in settlements to California and Texas states and small rebates (small in comparrison to damage done) of $175 to people effected by the damage caused by the “anti-priacy” software secretly installed by Sony. The software allowed security holes to open on infected computers and also caused damage when people tried to remove the software.

$175 bucks???

How much are your grandma’s christmas photos destroyed by the security breech worth? How much is the “time” spent fixing the errors caused in repairing the security holes that Sony allowed without your consent worth?

I think this is too easy for Sony. I think they are a valuable company that offers great products, but a lack of moral judgement of this level (deceit, hurting others,  etc.) needs a more “human” apology.  Just read the “text” on this page:

The content on their site smells of admissions of innocence… we weren’t doing anything wrong.

 Based on Cybertrust’s data privacy assessment of the XCP Software, as well as server segments that support the XCP Software, Cybertrust has determined that SONY BMG has not used the XCP Software, or any of the enhanced content on the XCP CDs, to collect, aggregate or retain personally identifiable information without user consent.

How about affecting my personal property? Only 5 million CDs were sold. Where is the real human story? We didn’t want our(Sony) CD’s stolen so we installed protection…. and treated you all like theives.

Uggggh. $1.5 million? $175 per settlement?

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