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Houston Texas Filmmakers – Podcasting and Contributing

 Podcast Page for Film Production

Gary Watson of Roadster Productions in Houston Texas has put together a really awesome Video Podcast series about film-makeing.  I personally thought that the “Stunts on a Budget” episode was fantastic, and shows that individuals now have power to communicate directly with an audience without going through some massively expensive distribution channel. Also the quality is top notch.

Gary has really put himself out there and is looking for the next step in film distribuition and he is willing to embrace the online community. I think his gift of super film-making podcasts is a great step in embracing that community.  That makes you wonder what the next step in distribution is (see the article for lonelygirl15 in Wired)? Is future distribution first controlled by “votes” from the online community? Will we see film follow photo? Where heros are made by communities of fans, like Rebekka?

The Texas Motion Picture Alliance is looking now for help with their web site. The goal is to create a site that will communicate to Texas legislators that Texas should keep up with other states in giving incentives to produce motion pictures. My suggestion is to promote and show the quality individuals like Gary that would benefit from incentives. Also through social networking like a “blog” communicate how the “Texas Film Community” is in need of incentives and how it will benefit from the extra competitive boost. So, if you know anymore “online” heros like Gary… let me know and I will try to connect the dots for you.


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