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JPG Magazine – User Generated Content

JPG magazine
Tech Cruch posted about JPG magazine
, saying that the magazine has changed its business model to be based around user generated content. Users submit the images / content and vote on the information that goes into the magazine. The magazine is printed and passed out to subscribers at a cost of $25 bucks a year. And advertisers pay for advertising…..(BTW it seems to be profitable)

It seems that the user generated recipe is working for them. The magazine is listed here as a free PDF download so you can see for yourself. The quality of images is just ubelievable and the fact that users have control is better.

This is just another example of collective authoring like “Threadless“. And another success. Let the audience tell the business what they want. And then listen.

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How To Decorate a Christmas Tree

  1. First you must select the tree.
    Great Day for a Tree
  2. Then you must trim the trunk for the stand.
    Cutting the Trunk
  3. Next you must transport the tree home.
    Transport the Tree
  4. Place the tree.
    The Tree is Ready to Decorate
  5. Add the lights.
    Add the Lights
  6. Add the balls.
    Adding the Ornaments
  7. Add the ornaments.
    Finished Product
  8. Done.
    All Ornaments are Santa Ornaments

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