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Michael Hughes

Wow, this guy as a huge collection of souvenirs in sightseeing locations placed creatively and strategically. Brilliant, here is a link:

(Thanks Tim Fowkes)

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Collective Action – Captian Style

Thanks Jason for the link to the vid. I had to post, I especially like the “Beautiful plumage that attracts the male species.”

Great work.

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Great VW Touareg Advertisement

Grey Advertising in Argentina created large Touareg “cut outs” and put them on the back of “ski lifts” in a form of guerrilla advertising. (via AdArena). It looks great and is remarkable direct targeted marketing…. but where do we go from here?

Touareg Ski Lift

Will there be software ads on the bottom of your dinner plate in your favorite restaurant? Will there be Pamper ads on OB/GYN scrubs during delivery? Will there be toy ads at private school play yards???? This slide sponsored by Matel.

Either way, great job Grey Advertising. I love it.

Also, speaking of guerrilla advertising, Jason at the office made the most awesome set of fake press passes I have ever seen. We used them at the Houston Communication Alliances’s Christmas Party. Everyone asked about them. It was a huge hit. Great mind Jason.

Jason's Press Pass

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HAF Student Conference PPT Slides on Social Marketing and Generation Y

Sorry it took so long to post, but here is the link to my PPT slides:

It is a huge file, 10MB, and I hope it is worth the wait. Here is an example slide below:

New News Slide

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