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Genetic Branding

Branded Butterfly Wing

I am sure these scientists have better use for “Temporal and spatial control of transgene expression using laser induction of the hsp70promoter” than branding… but I can think of a few additional uses myself. Apparently according to the telegraph:

A team at the University at Buffalo that developed the world’s first GM butterfly has now adapted the work to create the fluorescent marking on the wings of the insect to demonstrate an innovative tool that will make it easier to find out what genes do, in this case those that play a role in making the patterns on wings, from stripes to eye spots.

The researchers demonstrated their method by using a laser to stencil the silhouette of a butterfly upon the surface of a butterfly’s wing.

The butterflies were otherwise unaffected by the laser, which could activate specially implanted fluorescent genes, according to the study published yesterday in the journal BMC Developmental Biology by a team in America and Germany.

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Flickr users show which cameras they use (report)

Nikon 80If you want to know which camera to buy for Christmas, maybe you should stop here:

Boing Boing and Waxy both reproted the page on flickr which charts the most used cameras by camera type. Also if you ask me, I think looking at what results the photographers get from a certain camera is important too.

I didn’t personally know there was enormous difference until Ed Schipul let me borrow his Cannon EOS Digitla Rebel XT. I take photos with a Cannon A75.

After taking photos with both Cameras, the difference is extremely noticeable. Below are shots from the two cameras…

you tell me which camera is which?


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