Bank of America Gets in Trouble with Cover of U2 Song

November 21, 2006 at 1:09 am Leave a comment

Ha ha.

BOA gets a “Cease and Desist” letter from Universal Music as reported at “Boing Boing” for covering U2’s song “one” (See earlier post of video on youtube)

My opinion is that the cover changes the song well enough to be considered original… from an artists point of view.

BonoI imagine it is not a fight that BOA would like to mess with. But I am with them in this case.

I would hope that Bono would find it as enjoyable to laugh at the BOA guys as the rest of the world does? Maybe Bono could tell Universal Music how stupid they are getting lawyers involved and creating a gap between U2 and the audience they sing too.

BOA didn’t do anything to damage U2 sales and a piddly law suit between BOA and Universal Music would do more to damage U2’s brand. Aren’t lawyers great?

Be One With Us” seems more fitting for U2’s brand. Apparently U2 asked concert goers in Melbourne to text their voice to put pressure on G20 politicians. That sounds like a better place for U2’s name… not associated with suing BOA for a hideously funny cover.

Bono lets here you shut up Universal Music.

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