Ad Age Interview with Yahoo’s Frazier Miller Regarding Social Search Elements

November 21, 2006 at 12:42 am Leave a comment

Sounds like Yahoo will have some interesting social items added to searches to help local businesses and markets. I like the idea… now lets see the execution. Below is a quote and link from the Ad Age article:

Ad Age: You mentioned user-generated content. Can you give some examples?

Mr. Miller: There’s rich info that users are able to provide on the merchants. They can post photos of the business or the service — photos of what the inside of the cafe looks like, for example. One recent example is a carpenter or cabinet maker — someone had taken a picture of the cabinet maker’s work.

Tagging is a powerful phenomenon that allows users to say this business is romantic, this coffee shop has WiFi. It allows users to access and organize internet data in their own way and makes an easy index to recall later but it also gives us a really powerful way to search across really generic listings that we can provide to other users.

Ad Age: So how does this all make money for you?

Mr. Miller: These small to medium businesses are very clear what they’re trying to get: additional leads or business. There’s a lot of opportunity in what the internet and user-generated content can bring in terms of targeting audiences and getting more in touch with customer base. To the merchants’ chagrin, their reputation is being formed online without them being in touch with it. The real opportunity is for them to see their ratings and reviews, see how are they doing in the minds of their users and figure out how can they channel and form the reputation that’s formed online. We give them tools to keep in touch with users. They can be e-mailed when rating/review gets posted by customer. They can subscribe to a service that allows users to make reservations through Open Table, who we partner with.

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