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HAF Student Conference

Joe FournetI will be speaking this weekend (Saturday November 16th, 2006) at the HAF Student Conference. Here are some links:

Thank you Joe Fournet for the opportunity.

Also a few of the kids will be at the office tomorow. I wish our inhabitants luck on their competition.

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Morgan Stanley Research Reports

Morgan Stanley Logo$5,053 dollars Ad Spending per Household? (from this report)

Wow! This is just some of the of data I was able to get from the Morgan Stanley Technology Research department web site. The information contains numbers like the growth in search advertising from 285 million dollars in 2001 to 6.681 billion in 2006 and a projected 15.786 billion by 2010. It is some of the best organized data I have seen online, so Kudos to the Morgan Stanley team and their hard work. Also, thanks for sharing Morgan Stanley.

Here is the link:

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Bank of America One

Last week I was talking to a chap about their design skills and I started off real serious. Looking him dead in the eye I said, “I really think the future of the web is this right here!!!” I point to my screen. “What I really want to know is can you do this? Do you have the skills to create something like this???” And then I press play and let it rip (you should do the same):

Needless to say the “chap” found out I was joking.

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Better than the Original (try it and you will see what I mean)

Most of the time “covers” aren’t as good as the original. This one certainly breaks the rule. Sorry Outcast.

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Radio Lounge Podcast with me (Aaron Long)

Radio LoungeRay and Bruce at Radio Lounge did an interview asking questions about web design and such. I sounded like a dork, but thought it was worth a post. Burce and Ray sound so good in comparison to my voice. Here is their site: Radio Lounge.

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Have you seen Santa?

I am ready for Christmas. Sugar plum fairies, relatives, tree smell, cookies, extra pounds, etc. Bring on the cheer.

To get you in the spirit here is where you can find some “christmas tree farms” around the Houston area. I am closest to Jingle Bell Ranch.

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